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Who We Are

For over 10 years we have made it our mission to combine our expertise, network, and passion for designing cost-effective solutions for our clients who change the world.

We are a Woman and Veteran owned organization specializing in Aerospace & Defense Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Solutions.

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Exponential Profit Savings

Our speciality is saving time and money on talent acquisition.

Central Contractor Registration

We are fully prepared to serve your needs. No more waiting or your new hires.

The Best Tech Talent

Our network is massive, affording us the ability to find and deliver the best.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our work.

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Why Us

Defense Aerospace Integrators has an established history of results in High Tech Secret Clearance Consulting, Recruiting, and Project Management. Our expertise and international service network enable us to expand your human capital growth faster, cheaper, and easier.

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Contract Consulting

When you need a quick sprint to the finish line.

Contractor consulting agreements enable you to flexibly augment your workforce to meet your demand goals every time.

Make the perfect hire.

Retained Search Partnerships enable you to find the perfect full time hire. Absolutely no hiring fee until you have found the perfect match.

Experts on Standby.

We have industry and vertical experts from every corner ready and able to assist your project needs at any moment.

Augment your team and scale to meet your demands today.

Our Accelerator provides you with 5 expert resources to provide you with a cost-per-hire you have never seen before.

Military Integration

We provide top-tier service in shaping the course of the future with our clients.

Digital Modernization

Pioneering is in our nature. Being ahead of the pack is second nature.

Organizational Growth

Scale how you desire and allow us to teach you the art of hiring more while spending less.

Harness Big Data

Rapidly deploy and harness the advanced insights big data provides.

Dive Deeper With Analytics

Our analytics group will empower you on an executive level with our insight dashboards.

Cross Sector Integration

Enlist the expertise of security clearance cleared private industry experts in service of public sector needs.

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